Definitions for “Research” and "Technical Enrichment”


Research:  An important and necessary endeavor that aimed at studying specific code related issue(s)/topics for the purpose of providing solutions to a specific problem or future code change(s) directed at improving the implementation and enforcement of the FBC.  The issue to be researched must be fully understood (i.e. with clear purpose of doing the research/goals); clearly defined with specific scope of work/approach; and within budget.


Technical Enrichment: An important and necessary endeavor that is aimed at evaluating complex related code issue(s)/topics for the purpose of providing educational/clarification experience or alternative solutions directed at improving the implementation and enforcement of the FBC.  Method of delivery for these matters is through workshop/TAC meetings with specific participation of expert(s) in subject area of concern.


Criteria for Funding

·      Meets Definition of “Research” and/or “Technical Enrichment.”

·      Within the scope of hurricane resistance research (water and wind resistance).

·      Urgency/Immediacy: Needed to support the 2020 Florida Building Code, or for the development of 2023 FBC.


Note:   Projects proposals required for support of the implementation and enforcement of the 2020 FBC and/or development of the 2023 FBC will be funded by the Commission, and will not be included in the prioritization ranking exercise.


Research Work Plan

1/28/2021                                HRAC meeting          

-          Review and approval of the Work Plan                           

1/29/2021 – 3/1/2021        Solicit research topics including the following:                                       

-          Clear definition of the problem to be researched

-          If available, technical data/research in support of the research topic

3/5 2021                            Compile research topics submitted and make available list of research topics for review by the HRAC. 

3/22/2021                          HRAC meeting

-          Review and discuss proposed research topics and make determination regarding which research topic meets the criteria for funding.






4/30/ 2021                         Deadline for submitting scope of work for those research topics that deemed by the HRAC to meet the criteria for funding.  The scope of work should provide for the following:

-          Introduction – Summary statement outlining the main purpose of the research project

-          Specific tasks to be performed

-          Objective of each task

-          Research approach to be performed for each task

-          Staffing -  Principal Investigator PI form a State University System of Florida

-          Projected budget for the research project

-          Deliverables – interim/final report

 5/18/2021                        HRAC meeting

-          To consider and recommend list of research projects for consideration by the Commission

June 8, 2021                     Commission discusses and decides recommended list of research projects

June –July 2021                Draft contract for research and implementation

August 2021              Start contract (contract time frame 1- year)

Funding is contingent upon budget appropriation and must be spent within the Fiscal year.

June 15, 2022              Complete research or partial research