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FL # FL4097-R7
Application Type Revision
Code Version 2020
Application Status Approved
Product Manufacturer Kalwall Corp.
Address/Phone/Email 1111 Candia Rd
PO Box 237
Manchester, NH 03105
(603) 627-3861   Ext 4460
Authorized Signature Wendy Spaulding
Technical Representative Robert Busby
Address/Phone/Email PO Box 237
Manchester, NH 03105
(603) 627-3861
Quality Assurance Representative Jim Foss
Address/Phone/Email PO Box 237
Manchester, NH 03105
Category Sky Lights
Subcategory Skylight
Compliance Method Evaluation Report from a Florida Registered Architect or a Licensed Florida Professional Engineer
Evaluation Report - Hardcopy Received
Florida Engineer or Architect Name who developed the Evaluation Report David G. Karins
Florida License PE-0052677
Quality Assurance Entity National Accreditation and Management Institute
Quality Assurance Contract Expiration Date 12/31/2024
Validated By John Henry Kampmann Jr.
  Validation Checklist - Hardcopy Received
Certificate of Independence FL4097_R7_COI_Certificate of Independence FL4097.pdf
Referenced Standard and Year (of Standard)
ASTM D19292016
ASTM D2562003
ASTM D6352014
TAS 2011994
TAS 2021994
TAS 2031994
UL 7232008
Equivalence of Product Standards
Certified By

Florida Licensed Professional Engineer or Architect
FL4097_R7_Equiv_Letter of Equivalency D256.PDF
FL4097_R7_Equiv_Letter of Equivalency D635 D1929.pdf
Sections from the Code
Product Approval Method Method 1 Option D
Date Submitted 09/25/2020
Date Validated 09/29/2020
Date Pending FBC Approval 10/08/2020
Date Approved 12/15/2020
Summary of Products
FL # Model, Number or Name Description
4097.1 Kalwall Translucent Panel Systems 2-3/4" Kalwall Translucent Panel System
Limits of Use
 Approved for use in HVHZ: Yes
 Approved for use outside HVHZ: Yes
 Impact Resistant: Yes
 Design Pressure: +100/-100
 Other: Use of this product shall be in strict accordance with its professionally approved evaluation documents, i.e. engineering drawings, along with all components noted therein. The deflection criteria established by the Committee is as follows: Non-HVHZ: Roof=L/180 HVHZ=L/240
Installation Instructions
 FL4097_R7_II_Installation Instructions FL4097.PDF
 Verified By: National Certified Testing Laboratories, Inc.
 Created by Independent Third Party: Yes
Evaluation Reports
 FL4097_R7_AE_Evaluation Report FL4097.pdf
 Created by Independent Third Party: Yes
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