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FL # FL19312-R0
Application Type New
Code Version 2014
Application Status Approved
Product Manufacturer HMF Express LLC
Address/Phone/Email 2501 Northchase Pkwy SE
Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 452-1845
Authorized Signature Vivian Wright
Technical Representative
Quality Assurance Representative
Category Windows
Subcategory Fixed
Compliance Method Evaluation Report from a Florida Registered Architect or a Licensed Florida Professional Engineer
Evaluation Report - Hardcopy Received
Florida Engineer or Architect Name who developed the Evaluation Report Lyndon F. Schmidt, P.E.
Florida License PE-43409
Quality Assurance Entity PFS Corporation
Quality Assurance Contract Expiration Date 12/31/2019
Validated By Ryan J. King, P.E.
  Validation Checklist - Hardcopy Received
Certificate of Independence FL19312_R0_COI_Certificate of Independence.pdf
Referenced Standard and Year (of Standard)
ASTM E18862005
ASTM E19962009
ASTM E3302002
Equivalence of Product Standards
Certified By

Sections from the Code
Product Approval Method Method 1 Option D
Date Submitted 12/12/2015
Date Validated 12/15/2015
Date Pending FBC Approval 12/21/2015
Date Approved 02/10/2016
Date Revised 03/04/2019
Summary of Products
FL # Model, Number or Name Description
19312.1 a. Borrowed Lite Up to a Nominal 4'0 x 8'0 Borrowed Lite (Fixed Lite) "Impact" (O - configuration)
Limits of Use
 Approved for use in HVHZ: No
 Approved for use outside HVHZ: Yes
 Impact Resistant: Yes
 Design Pressure: N/A
 Other: See INST 19312.1 for Design Pressure Ratings, any additional use limitations, installation instructions and product particulars.
Installation Instructions
 FL19312_R0_II_INST 19312.1.pdf
 Verified By: Lyndon F. Schmidt, P.E. 43409
 Created by Independent Third Party: Yes
Evaluation Reports
 FL19312_R0_AE_EVAL 19312.1.pdf
 Created by Independent Third Party: Yes
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