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Two story double wythe masonry frame with wood framed interior, formerly a residential structure, constructed circa 1939-1940, converted to Commercial zoning 1978, previously served as a law office.This project proposes to convert the building to a physical rehabilitation and therapy center.

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Target budget based on early estimates $190,000- $250,000 in interior space configuration modification, new mechanical (H V AC), new gas service and transmission lines, new plumbing supply and sanitary drainage lines, and update and provide new electrical service and exterior cosmetic improvements including landscaping and interior finishes (painting, floor finishing, plumbing fixtures and upgrades to access/egress doorways, hardware alarm system and miscellaneous repairs

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This request will be supplied to the Commission for consideration at the October 20202 meeting. The City of Tallahassee Building Department has endorsed this request. Please see accompanying letter form the City Growth Management Department

Requirements to be Waived.

9. Requirements requested to be waived. Please reference the applicable section of Florida law. Only Florida-specific accessibility requirements may be waived.

Issue 1: Florida-specific hotel/motel rooms Minimum height in parking structures Accessible parking
Vertical accessibility Toilet rooms
Private Other
(state statute 553.501-553.5141) Vertical Accessibility Adding of elevator inside the existing building frame, will disturb the foundation & floor frame of the ca.1939-1940 residential structure in Tallahassee, FL. Installation uses disproportionate space within the existing foot print. Proposed a vertical accessibility model as an exterior vertical hoist way tying to 2nd floor egress door in order to provide structure & machinery enclosure that will not impact the existing foundation and structure. This approach has proven to be very costly creating financial burden on the project. Recognizing this issue, Owner has elected to locate all available services in duplicate on both floors including restrooms and amenities negating need for mechanical vertical accessibility.

Issue 2: Florida-specific hotel/motel rooms Minimum height in parking structures Accessible parking
Vertical accessibility Toilet rooms
Private Other Need Additional Space
Issue 3: Florida-specific hotel/motel rooms Minimum height in parking structures Accessible parking
Vertical accessibility Toilet rooms
Private Other Need Additional Space

Grounds for waiver.

10. Grounds for Waiver: The Florida Building Commission may grant waivers of Florida-specific accessibility requirements upon a determination of unnecessary, unreasonable or extreme hardship. Please describe how this project meets the following hardship criteria. Explain all that would apply for consideration of granting the waiver.


Cost to retrofit the existing building circa 1939 creates significant financial hardship at near double the construction budget to add an elevator outside of the shell of the existing building (former residential house), and all services provided on the second floor are available on the first floor level negating need for vertical accessibility to second floor level for any person with a disability.

The cost of the proposed elevator, equipment, foundation, machinery enclosure, roofing, and hoist way construction is nearly equal to the entire cost of he proposed renovations. See attached cost estimates provided by the contractor an two elevator suppliers/installers. Owner requesting waiver based on Financial hardship.

Cost Estimates For Compliance:

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This structure is considered quasi-historic, but does not reside within one of 4 locally designated historic districts in Tallahassee, FL, and is not individually designated.
As such we are applying for relief from the vertical accessibility requirements on the grounds of financial burden to the project, with the cost of a elevator, the companion hoist way, machinery and foundations being nearly equal to the entire cost of the proposed project.
The owner is establishing a physical therapy facility have located duplicate services found on 2nd floor in 1st level wing, allowing any and all services offered to be available to persons with disabilities on the 1st floor.

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